What We Offer

The Innovation and Social Enterprise Lab is the Fòs Feminista platform offering services to women’s health and social justice nonprofits who would like to become more sustainable in the delivery of their social impact missions. We offer a range of social enterprise services, including:

  • Incubator and Accelerator Programs to develop, refine, test, and scale earned income ideas
  • Customized coaching and accompaniment
  • Complementary toolkits and resources
  • Online courses
  • Knowledge exchange spaces and trainings
  • Connections to funding and investment

Our goal is to help your organization build socially focused business models that maximize impact.

We adopt a Social Enterprise approach. For us, this means leveraging successful and proven business and commercial practices to bolster and sustain the social missions of organizations. Our methodology focuses on adapting and reframing these business approaches to the contexts, needs, and realities of nonprofit organizations so that they can find new ways to become sustainable, grow, and increase their social impact.

We see ourselves as a lab because we embrace experimentation, agility, perpetual learning and lean innovation, and encourage all our collaborators to do the same.

What We Believe In

We believe in six defining principles:

Sustainability Scales
Social Impact

We believe that organizations who are financially sustainable and organizationally robust thrive in the delivery of their social impact mission.

Creativity and Innovation
Propel Solutions

We believe in finding new approaches and solutions to the emerging challenges faced by the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights ecosystem.

Agility and Dynamism
Trigger Resilience

We believe that being lean, nimble, and capable of rapidly adapting to unforeseen change is critical for the survival of long-term sustainability of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Social Justice nonprofit organizations.

Experimentation Leads to
Learning and Innovation

We believe that constant hands-on exploration, prototyping and testing are the best avenues to reach successful solutions.

User-Centric Empathy
Drives Relevant Approaches

We believe that organizations who are financially sustainable and organizationally robust thrive in the delivery of their social impact mission.

Cocreation and Collaboration
Flourish Ecosystems

We believe that developing a sustainable thriving international Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights ecosystem, where women, girls and the most vulnerable populations are placed at the center, is the result of collaborative work that elevates the capabilities, talents, and inputs of multi-disciplinary teams, organizations and individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Our Team?

We are a fully bilingual (Spanish-English) passionate and committed multi-disciplinary team that deeply cares about advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for women, girls, and the most vulnerable populations across the global south.

What is the Innovation and Social Enterprise Lab?

A platform of Fòs Feminista that offers women’s health and social justice nonprofits seeking to become more sustainable in the delivery of their social impact missions a series of services, including: customized advisory services; online courses; spaces for capacity sharing; connections to different sources of funding; and, complementary contents, resources, and toolkits to help them build socially-focused business models and prepare them for investment.

How do you define Social Enterprise?

For us, a Social Enterprise is an organization that uses entrepreneurial methods and business tactics to generate and maximize social impact.

The focus of our Lab is to find ways in which business and commercial approaches are translated, adapted and reframed to the needs, contexts and realities of nonprofit organizations that seek to become more resilient and sustainable in order to scale their social impact and reach more vulnerable populations.

So, how is Social Enterprise aligned with Social Impact?

In our understanding of Social Enterprise and in all of our offerings, we seek to ensure that the Social Enterprise models developed by Partner Organizations are first and foremost aligned to their social mission; and, that they play a role towards ensuring their financial sustainability.

This can be either done through embedded (models creating direct revenue through the generation of social impact) or cross-subsidized models (profits from commercial models finance social impact work).

Are the Lab’s offerings exclusively for Partner Organizations?

For the time being, our portfolio of services is exclusively for Fòs Feminista Partner Organizations, but we are eager to expand the offering to other nonprofit organizations whose missions are aligned with ours, of generating impact and improving the lives of women, girls, and the most vulnerable communities—especially in relation to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

If you are an organization outside of our network that is interested in learning more about our offering and exploring potential collaboration, please do reach out to us at socialenterprise@fosfeminista.org

What exactly does the Lab offer?

We offer a combination of services that help organizations become more sustainable and grow the social impact that they deliver:

  1. Customized Advisory Services
    A series blended in-person and virtual structured and ad-hoc coaching activities that support organizations at multiple levels of maturity and growth to transition to Social Enterprise models that help them become more sustainable while maximizing and scaling their social impact.
  2. Online Courses
    Free-of-charge, exclusive to Fòs Feminista Partner Organizations self-paced and facilitated online courses on the fosinnovation.org virtual platform on: Introduction to Social Enterprise, Idea Exploration and Validation, Idea Incubation and Pilot Validation, and Preparing for Funding.
  3. Spaces for Capacity Sharing
    In-person and virtual activities focused on spurring conversations, shared learning, and creating culture and mindset shifts that help organizations in their pathway to growth and long-term sustainability to maximize social impact.

If your organization has a specific need that relates to our offering, we would love to explore possible collaborations. Please reach out to as at socialenterprise@fosfeminista.org

How do I know which services offered by the Lab I should access?

Our services were created with the understanding that organizations are at different stages, and thus have different needs:

  • Seed & Exploration: Organizations that are in exploring new ideas and models to generate earned income and maximize social impact.
  • Early-Stage: Organizations that would like to turn their ideas into income-generation models that help scale social impact, and have widespread internal buy-in and support across their teams.
  • Implementing & Scaling: Organizations that are advanced and already implementing and piloting successful income-generating models and wish to scale, grow and expand their impact and growth.

We recognize that the Social Enterprise journey is nuanced, and some organizations may have more specific needs! If you have additional doubts around which services are the best for you, please reach out to as at socialenterprise@fosfeminista.org

How can my organization access the online courses, resources, programs, coaching and accompaniment that the Lab offers?

If you are an Fòs Feminista Partner Organization, you are eligible to access the different products and services in our portfolio. Please reach out to socialenterprise@fosfeminista.org to get access to the fosinnovation.org exclusive content or more information on how to participate in our programs.

If you are not part of the Fòs Feminista network, please reach out to us at socialenterprise@fosfeminista.org. We would be delighted to find ways to collaborate!

Help! I’m having trouble with the WHRinnovation.org virtual platform!

So sorry that you’re having troubles! If you have any troubleshooting needs with the virtual platform, please reach out to us at socialenterprise@fosfeminista.org and we will immediately help solve any problem!

Is your organization interested in learning more about what we do? Please contact us for more details!