Optimization and Scale Coaching

Organizations that complete different Social Enterprise activities within the Lab (Social Enterprise Incubator Program or fosinnovation.org Online Courses), or that have independently developed promising social enterprise or sustainable models, will be eligible for personalized coaching across the following areas:

  • Accompaniment during the implementation of their pilot plans
  • Guidance on how to improve or grow a model’s financial or social impact
  • Support to refine financial projections, investment plans, marketing, communications and sales strategies
  • Recommendations for the best mix and sources of capital to grow
  • Guidelines on how to engage with investors and donors to seek appropriate financing
  • Fostering a social enterprise culture and mindset within organizations

Recommended For

  • Early-Stage
  • Implementing & Scaling
  • Organizations that have successfully completed the Social Enterprise Incubator Program
  • Organizations that have completed the Idea Incubation and Pilot Preparation online course

What You Receive

  • Personalized and ad-hoc coaching sessions from the Innovation and Social Enterprise Lab team and/or other specialists based on an individualized plan according to organizational context, needs, and funding possibilities
  • Contents, tools and other complementary resources deemed pertinent according to the needs and context of each organization
  • Personalized accompaniment and support in identifying and securing funding streams that are appropriate for the stage of growth and financial situation of models and organizations
  • Connections to blended financing (grants and repayable) to optimize and improve an existing model

Is your organization interested in learning more about any of these offerings? Please contact us for more details!