Spaces for Capacity Sharing

At the Fòs Feminista Innovation and Social Enterprise Lab we believe in collaborating with our Partners to help build an entrepreneurial culture and mindset that catalyzes social impact, enabling organizations to find innovative and disruptive ways to deliver on their mission to positively impact the lives of women, girls and marginalized communities.

We strive to cultivate an awareness, understanding, and approach to embracing best practices from the business and commercial sectors in a way that applies and adapts to the nonprofit world. Because we understand the process of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset takes time to embed into

an organizational culture, in addition to our customized advisory services and online courses, we offer our Partner Organizations advanced trainings and knowledge exchange spaces that support them in navigating this transition.


Please explore our three capacity sharing offerings below.

Is your organization interested in learning more about any of these offerings? Please contact us for more details!