Knowledge Exchange Spaces

Virtual or in-person sessions in which leaders and teams can participate to learn about key concepts, exchange lessons learned, best practices, successes, failures and other key experiences in implementing Social Enterprise processes in their organization.

These spaces help create a sense of community and mutual understanding of the challenges faced by and shared among likeminded organizations throughout the region, as well as the opportunity to jointly identify solutions and new ideas that can support in the efforts towards becoming more sustainable while delivering on a social impact mission.

Knowledge Exchange spaces can be designed and customized around different topics, stages and levels of growth.

Recommended For

  • Seed & Exploration Organizations
  • Early-Stage Organizations
  • Implementing & Scaling
  • Organizations that work with nonprofits and are interested in advancing Social Enterprise initiatives

What You Receive

  • Structured agenda of topics to cover based on need
  • Curation of case studies and organizations to share stories and experiences
  • Support in the planning and coordination of the virtual sessions by the Innovation and Social Enterprise Lab
  • Facilitated and structured discussion from the Innovation and Social Enterprise Lab’s team

Is your organization interested in learning more about any of these offerings? Please contact us for more details!