Social Enterprise Sprints and Workshops

4-day in-person sprint or 4-week virtual workshop facilitated by the Lab’s team that introduces and puts into practice some of the critical topics and contents of the Innovation and Social Enterprise Lab’s programs and courses.

Some of the key topics covered include: overall introduction to Social Enterprise; cultural buy-in and change management; innovation and the Human-Centered Design framework; customer segments; market sizing; customer discovery and desirability analysis; value proposition creation; business model canvas and feasibility analysis; value chain; financial model and viability analysis; prototyping; and, narrative and pitch presentation creation.

Recommended For

  • Seed & Exploration
  • Early-Stage Organizations
    (on a case by case basis)
  • All selected organizations for the Social Enterprise Incubator Program must participate in this sprint
  • Organizations that work with nonprofits and are interested in advancing Social Enterprise initiatives

What You Receive

  • In-person or virtual facilitation for teams
  • Key materials used throughout the workshop (presentations, worksheets, resources, and contents)

Is your organization interested in learning more about any of these offerings? Please contact us for more details!