Train the Trainers

Based on the Innovation and Social Enterprise Lab’s experience designing, deploying and facilitating the Social Enterprise Incubator Program, we have created a training and capacity-building curriculum for organizations and professionals that would like to implement and facilitate the Program themselves.

We will work to tailor the content based on each organization’s and team’s needs in a 4-day in-person workshop or 4-week virtual intensive training on the Incubator Program’s methodology, tools, accompaniment and overall approach. Suggested topics that will be covered in the agenda include, but are not limited to:

Commitment, Culture and Mindset Shift in nonprofit organizations and the role it plays in deploying a successful Incubator Program:

  • Ensuring buy-in from and ongoing feedback to Board of Directors and stakeholders.
  • The importance of financial leadership in social enterprise

Social Enterprise background, key concepts, notions and ethos of social mission-centric approach:

  • Innovation for sustainable social impact
  • Introducing a perspective of sustainability into restricted projects and grants
  • Social Enterprise lens in overall organizations’ strategic planning and approach to projects

Key notions about Lean Innovation, Human-Centered Design, and Design Thinking
as the methodological pillars of the Incubator

Detailed review of Incubator Program structure
and key dimensions:

  • Desirability: Customer Discovery; Value Proposition
  • Feasibility: Business Model Canvas; Value Chain
  • Viability: Financial Model; Prototyping
  • Story: Narrative; Pitch Presentation

Designing mechanisms for seed-grant resource allocation upon completing Incubator

Support in creating Pilot Plans to invest seed grant

Facilitating the Incubator: Tools, methods, follow-up, homework, virtual and in-person sessions, feedback

Feedback loops and their role in the Incubator Program:

  • Customer Discovery with Executive Directors, leaders in organizations, and Incubator participants
  • Evaluation of incubator dimensions (surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc.)
  • Testimonials

Knowledge management and documentation of progress, milestones, lessons learned and outcomes

Strategic communications: framing, showcasing and marketing the Incubator Program

Recommended For

  • Implementing & Scaling Organizations

    that would like to become facilitators
  • Organizations that want to become facilitators and have successfully completed the Social Enterprise Incubator Program
  • Organizations with a solid knowledge, understanding and background of Social Enterprise, lean innovation, and Human-Centered Design, analyzed on a case-by-case basis
  • Organizations that have completed the Idea Exploration and Validation, Idea Incubation and Pilot Preparation, and Prepare for Funding online courses on the virtual platform

What You Receive

  • In-person 4-day training course or 4-week intensive virtual workshop
  • Personalized virtual coaching sessions for facilitators post-course
  • Premium access to the virtual platform for exclusive contents and resources
  • Social Enterprise Incubator Program Toolkit
  • Other key materials needed to successfully facilitate the Incubator Program (presentations, worksheets, resources, and contents)

Is your organization interested in learning more about any of these offerings? Please contact us for more details!