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Please take our quiz to find out what stage your organization is at, and which of our services we recommend for you,  

We recognize that the Social Enterprise journey is nuanced, and some organizations may have more specific needs! If you have additional doubts around which services are the best for you, please reach out to as at socialenterprise@ippfwhr.org  

How can my organization access the online courses, resources, programs, coaching and accompaniment that the Lab offers? 

If you are an IPPFWHR Partner Organization, you are eligible to access the different products and services in our portfolio. Please take our quiz to find out what kinds of services are best suited for your organization, and reach out to socialenterprise@ippfwhr.org to get access to the WHRinnovation.org exclusive content or more information on how to participate in our programs.  

If you are not part of the IPPFWHR network, please reach out to us at socialenterprise@ippfwhr.org. We would be delighted to find ways to collaborate! 

How can I stay up to date on what’s new with the Lab and its services? 

We will be sharing news and updates on the Lab and our programs on our Blog, please make sure you check it out for the latest news. 

If you’re interested in receiving updates in your e-mail, please sign up to our mailing list. 

And, if you want to stay in touch, do reach out to us at socialenterprise@ippfwhr.org!       

Help! I’m having trouble with the WHRinnovation.org virtual platform! 
So sorry that you’re having troubles! If you have any troubleshooting needs with the virtual platform, please reach out to us at socialenterprise@ippfwhr.org and we will immediately help solve any problem!